Linshaw operated as an incorporated company from the mid 1990s until 2017 when it closed and re-appeared as a sole proprietorship. As of 31st December 2021, the shingle has been retired.

This page is designed to allow present users of our applications to have support and potential users access to the Secretary's Helper version 4 application.

Forth Bridges, Scotland

Secretary's Helper version 4

Secretary's Helper version 4 is the current version of the well-loved Lodge Membership database.


The current version is the modern iteration of the membership database first developed in the mid 1980s. It has stood the test of time.


Designed to be used on a Windows environment desktop/laptop computer.

Alberta Features

Many of the Grand Lodge of Alberta required reports and documents are produced within the application.


Download a full current version HERE. It will operate normally to allow for a 90 days trial. On day 91, the application will be "read only" until an activation key is obtained and used.

Activation Key

An activation key may be obtained upon request and the forwarding of proof of a donation to a Masonic charitable group by the Lodge or Secretary obtaining the key. The minimum amount of such donation is $89.00 CAD and must be recent.

Support & Updates

This application will be maintained and updated for the foreseeable future. Updates are automatic or may done from within the application.


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is found HERE.


Other Software

There are other software applications and digital offerings which were previously on the Linshaw website and these will be discussed here.

Secretary's Helper v3

Version 3 of Secretary's Helper is no longer supported and was superceded by version 4.

However, the link below allows for the download of the final build as well as the documentation. No new activation keys will be given.

  • Application Download
  • User Manual Download
Masonic Trivia v3

An intuitive test of your Masonic knowledge.

Learn as you play.

  • 1,000+ questions
  • General or Create focused quiz.
  • Answers come with sources.
  • Challenge your brethren.
  • Activation Code:

"One More Time, Please!" was a monthly ezine of Masonic papers originally circulated to about 1,600 brethren over 14 years.

These are now available on the Alberta Masonic Library site.

  • A variety of Masonic subjects
  • From the past.
  • Raised to see the light of day again.




Airdrie, Alberta